Aging in Place in Cypress, Houston, Jersey Village, Katy, and Sugar Land, TX

One of the newest trends in home remodeling that is gaining the attention of many people is aging in place remodeling. As we get older, we aren’t as nimble and flexible as we used to be, but we aren’t in need of a nursing home or assisted living facility. If a few changes were made to our existing Katy or Houston home, we would do just fine and have the ability to stay in the home that we are familiar with and enjoy.

Aging in Place in Cypress, Houston, Jersey Village, Katy, and Sugar Land, TXA & K Remodeling & Turnkey specializes in helping people incorporate aging in place remodeling for their homes. They will work with you to understand what you need, and how to get those remodels done so you can continue to live in your Cypress home.

Simple Things That Go A Long Way

When people think of a home remodel, they might envision rooms that are demolished down to the studs, a huge receptacle for the materials in the driveway, and contractor trucks parked out front. But for aging in place remodeling, this isn’t always the case. There are many simple things that can be done to help people remain in their homes. For example, replacing toilets with comfort-height toilets is an easy swap, but makes a world of difference for the Jersey Village homeowners. Adding bath bars for additional places to grab as they use the shower, and installing step-through tubs will make the bathroom safer to use on a daily basis.

Other options include installing chair lifts on stairways to make it easier and safer to access additional floors of the house. Ramps leading up to the house can also be installed outdoors, again making it easier to get out of the house for the homeowners.

Other Options For Aging In Place Remodeling

Additional steps to look at is to replace the round doorknobs with lever handles. These are easier to use for older homeowners and are a straightforward swap. In the same manner, faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms should be reviewed to change for blade handles that are easier to use, or even motion control faucets that are becoming more common in Sugar Land.

If wheelchairs are in the picture, you could look at more intensive modifications, such as lowering vanity sinks and widening doorways to at least 36 inches wide. You could also lower the light switches for rooms, and move up outlets so that they are more easily accessible. Talk with A & K Remodeling & Turnkey today to discuss the options available for aging in place remodeling.